Arthurlie Cross, Barrhead, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the historic Arthurlie Cross which stands in the open and probably close to its original position when first erected around the 10th century AD.

Key information pertaining to the cross:

  • A surviving example of the ‘Govan School’ of ecclesiastical sculpture which was prominent in S.W.Scotland dring the 10th and 11th centuries AD. Here is a link to the collection of carved stones at Govan Old Church near Glasgow.
  • About 2m high and carved from pale sandstone.
  • The upright pillar formed the shaft of a ring-headed cross but, unfortunately, the upper portion has disappeared. For an illustration of appearance of the complete monument refer video of the Barochan Cross ( in Paisley Abbey) at foot of this post.
  • A video clip of the monument is shown immediately below this narrative. One side is relatively smooth, which is because for nearly 100 years the stone was used a footbridge over a nearby burn (stream) and was worn smooth by footfall.
  • This type of monument is not uncommon in S.W.Scotland; such were associated with early church sites and burial grounds. Some may have been used to mark important roadways.
  • Location is a residential housing estate in the Arthurlie district of Barrhead.

Here is a video clip of the Arthurlie Cross

Here is a video clip of the Barochan Cross in Paisley Abbey, Scotland

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