Roman Baths at Bearsden, N.W. Glasgow

This evening, I am focusing on four Roman sites near Glasgow, Scotland.  Three of the sites are connected with the Antonine Wall which dates from around AD 139-142 and served as the Northern Frontier of the Roman Empire until abandonment of the Wall around AD 158-160. The Antonine Wall covered approximately 37 miles between the River Forth in the east and River Clyde in the west. The fourth site is a fort at Barochan Hill, also near Bishopton but this dates from a much earlier military campaign of around AD80-81 led by Julius Agricola.

The sites illustrated in the post feature:

  • Roman Baths connected to a fort on the Antonine Wall at modern-day Bearsden.
  • Site of a fort at Bishopton which overlooked the Firth of Clyde and thus protected the western flank of the Wall.
  • A fortlet high above Greenock at Lurg Moor, to the west of Bishopton.

Firth of Clyde from site of Bishopton Roman Fort

Video clip of Lurg Moor Roman Fortlet, above Greenock

Bearsden Roman Baths, N.W.Glasgow, Scotland

Bearsden Roman Baths, N.W. Glasgow, Scotland

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