Hiking Group from Eastwood Ramblers, Scotland


This evening, I am posting a photo record of a group hike around Busby, which is situated south of Glasgow.

Fortunately, the weather held for best part of the day before clouding over and descending into hail and snow showers.

The walkers encounterd a good diversity of sights including: child and pony, garden gnomes, cat with monkey puzzle tree, fairy house, Spring snowdrops, the White Cart River and a Scottish pub.

Hikers entering Overlee Park, Clarkston, Scotland


Overlee Pavilion, Overlee Park, Clarkston, Scotland

Railway Arch, Busby Glen, Scotland

White Cart River at Busby, Scotland

Tangles woodland at Busby Glen, Scotland

Cartvale Pub, Busby, Scotland


Entrance to Busby Glen Park, Scotland

Railway Viaduct at Busby Glen, Scotland

Welcome Garden at Busby, Scotland


Spring snowdrops at Busby, Scotland

Fairy House at Busby, Scotland

Cat and Monkey Puzzle Tree, Busby

Garden Gnomes at Busby, Scotland


Pony with rider at Busby, Scotland

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