Cadzow Castle, Chatelherault, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the (ruined) Cadzow Castle, near Hamilton in S.W. Scotland.

Firstly, the name Cadzow is of historical interest because the names translates as ‘Castle in the Wood’, the name of the nearby town until it was re-named Hamilton in 1455 out of deference to James Hamilton, First Lord Hamilton.

The castle ruins are located on the banks of steep gorge through which flows the River Avon. They date from construction between 1500-1550 when the castle was built by Sir James Hamilton for his half-brother, the Second Earl of Arran. It is possible that an earlier, royal castle or hunting lodge occupied the same site.

The ruinous state of the castle is attributed to hostile action by the Earl of Mar during the late 16th century in retribution for the Hamiltons providing Mary Queen of Scots with sanctuary after her escape from Loch Leven Castle in 1568. Some repair work was undertaken during the 18th century for purpose of romanticising the ruins as distinct from making the building habitable again. The Hamiltons continued to reside in the vicinity; they built a palace and hunting lodge in the 18th century of which only the latter remains.

Today, Cadzow Castle is situated in the Chatelherault Country Park which is open to the public. Whilst the castle remains are visible access to them is restricted for safety reasons.

Cadzow Castle, Chatelherault Country Park, Scotland

Cadzow Castle, Chatelherault, Scotland

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