Condorrat, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

This afternoon, I am posting information on Condorrat, a village in North Lanarkshire, about 13 miles N.E. of Glasgow. Here is a summary of key facts and information concerning Condorrat:

  • Population 610.
  • Originated in the 17th century.
  • Name evolved from the Gaelic ” Comh Dobhair Alt” which translates as ” Joint River Place”.  Here the Luggie Water, a rivulet, was joined by the Moss Water, a burn or small stream.
  • Was a weaving community, a legacy of which can be found in Braehead Cottages which have been modernised in recent times.
  • Birthplace of 19th century nationalist, John Baird ( 1790-1820) who was executed for his involvement in the Radical War in context of a fight for universal suffrage.
  • In early 20th century was home to coal miners working at nearby Bedlay Coal Mine.
  • In 1959 six Condorrat coal miners lost their lives at an accident at nearby Auchengeich Colliery.

Community Memorial, Condorrat, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Condorrat War Memorial, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

John Baird Memorial, Condorrat, Scotland

Condorrat Arms Pub, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Centre of Condorrat, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Condorrat War Memorial Social Club, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Airdrie Road, Condorrat, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

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