Garnethill Park, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the Garnethill area of Glasgow.

Garnethill is a central Glasgow district which experienced a prolonged period of decline but is now a conservation area and subject of reinvigoration efforts by the local community which is multi-cultural with a strong Chinese element.

At Garnethill can be found some important buildings and sites, viz:

  • Glasgow School of Art: Built in two stages, 1899 and 1909, and designed by Glasgow’s most famous architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Still functions as a learning institution and receives many thousands of visitors each year who tour the famous building.
  • Garnethill Synagogue: A heritage building dating from 1879 and now restored to its original splendour. Inside is the Jewish Archives Centre.
  • St. Aloysius’ R.C. Church: This is a Jesuit Catholic Church dating from 1910. It is a substantial building extending to 150 feet in length with four side chapels.
  • Garnethill Park: A public recreation area built on former wast land. Designed 1990 by Dieter Magnus ( Germany) in association with the Goethe Institut in Glasgow.

Garnethill Synagogue, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

Garnethill Multicultural Community Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

St. Aloysius’ R.C. Church, Garnethill, Glasgow, Scotland

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