Gudwara Sikh Temple, Albert Drive, Glasgow, Scotland

This afternoon, I was invited to visit the new Gurdwara or Sikh Temple in Glasgow’s South side. This is an impressive building which has been open for about one year. Key facts and information:

  • The Sikh religion in centred in India’s Punjab and dates from 1699.
  • Sikhs represent 0.13pct of the Scottish population and total about 6500.
  • Glasgow has the largest concentration of Sikhs to accommodate which there are four Temples or Gurdwaras.
  • The new Gurdwara I visited cost GBP3.8M  ( USD6.3M ). It can hold up to 1000 persons.
  • Sundays and Wednesdays are the most important ‘holy days’  in the Sikh religion.
  • Inside the Gurdwara free meals are offered to visitors of all faiths via a community kitchen and dining area. Tradition Sikhs sit on the floor on special mats.
  • Diet is essentially vegetarian.
  • When visiting the interior I had to take off shoes and wear a special head scarf.

Overall a very gracious and friendly welcome which afforded me the opportunity to learn about the Sikh religion and related culture.

Gurdwara Sikh Temple, Glasgow, Scotland

Gurdwara Sikh Temple, Albert Drive, Glasgow, Scotland

Serving Food at Langar Hall, Gurdwara, Glasgow, Scotland

Langar Hall,Common Eating Area, Gurdwara, Glasgow

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