Byres Road, West End of Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Byres Road in Hillhead, West End of Glasgow, Scotland.

This road traverses an inherently upscale residential area which could be described as vibrant, raffish and cosmopolitan.

Here can be found a wide array of specialist shops, pubs, restaurants, charity shops and the mandatory Starbucks. The popular Ubiquitous Chip is in a lane which runs off Byres Road. Public transport includes buses and a Subway ( underground).

Byres Road  shops and facilities are patronised by visitors and tourists, staff from the nearby hospital ( Western Infirmary) and students from Glasgow University.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum  and the Botanic Gardens are within walking distance.

Basement Pub, Byres Road, Glasgow, Scotland

Aragon Pub, Byres Road, Glasgow

Nardini Cafe, Byres Road, Glasgow, Scotland

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