Memorial to Cameronians, Kelvingrove, Scotland


This evening, I am posting information on Kelvingrove Park in the West end of Glasgow, Scotland.

Kelvingrove forms what might be called the ‘posh’ part of Glasgow where can be found:

  • Art Gallery & Museum. One of the top such establishments in Europe.
  • Glasgow University. Ranks high in Scotland. Tours are available.
  • Hotels and lodgings.
  • High status houses and apartments.
  • The River Kelvin. Now much improved.
  • Various sporting facilities.

In the heart of KelvingroveĀ can be found Kelvingrove Park, an extensive grassed recreation area wherein can be found:

  • A children’s play area.
  • Skatepark.
  • Various statues and monuments, mainly dating from the Victorian era.
  • Paved walkways providing access to the Botanic Gardens and further afield.



Spring flowers at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, Scotland


John S Kennedy Tiger Monument at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Stewart Memorial Fountain, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Skatepark at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Children’s Play Area, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, Scotland

Klevingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow, Scotland


River Kelvin with view of Glasgow University

Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow with view of Glasgow University


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