Viewing Soldier’s Leap at River Garry, Pass of Killiecrankie.

Today, I arranged a visit to two Central Scotland battlefields, Killiecrankie and Dunkeld Cathedral.

Killiecrankie took place on July 27th., 1689 when a Highlander ‘Jacobite’ army of 2500 under James Graham of Claverhouse ( “Bonnie Dundee”) defeated a Government force of 4000 under General Mackay. The latter was disadvantaged by occupying  low ground giving advantage to the Jacobites positioned on a higher ridge.

Mackay lost half is army whilst Jacobites suffered 600 casualties. Latter were ill-disciplined and diverted to looting the Government baggage train instead of pursuing the defeated General Mackay.

The Jacobites won the battle lost their charismatic commander, Dundee.


River Garry at Pass of Killiecrankie, Scotland

The Battle of Dunkeld took place on Aug 21st 1689. Location was 17.5 miles south of Killiecrankie.

A force of 5000 Jacobites under Colonel Cannon surrounded a force of 1200 Cameronians under Lt. Colonel Cleland who occupied the small town of Dunkeld.

The Jacobites attacked from all four sides but were ultimately repelled. The Cameronians made a redoubt round the twin bastions of the Cathedral and Dunkeld House. Cleland was killed. Jacobite losses were about 300 against 45 on Government side.

After Dunkeld the Jacobite army dispersed.

Dunkeld Cathedral, Scotland




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