Snuff Bridge, Cathcart, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the unusually named Snuff Bridge which spans the White Cart Water ( river) in the Cathcart district.

The bridge is of substance and dates from 1624, although it may have been rebuilt in the 18th century. Formerly the bridge carried the main Glasgow to Ayr road but its role diminished in 1800 when a new bridge was built half a mile downstream.

The bridge obtained its name from industrial milling activities powered by the White Cart close to the bridge, viz:

  • In 18th century a mill was in operation to grind grain. This was known as the Cathcart Meal Mill.
  • The mill converted to manufacture of cardboard in 1812.
  • Snuff was milled from 1814, hence name of bridge. However, snuff milling was never more than ancillary activity.
  • In later years the mill was abandoned and eventually converted into flats.

The area around Snuff Mill is now a quiet, residential area. Holmwood House  is nearby.

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