Proud Cyclist

This evening, I am posting information on a small group cycling tour around the Dams to Darnley Country Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Park is a popular recreation area for the local community where the Park Rangers arrange a rolling programme of activities for all sectors of the population with emphasis on local wildlife, nature and the environment. Within the last six months my blog has featured hiking and     fungi identification. During the 18th and 19th centuries various industrial activities took place here but now the park is used for recreation.

The high level of precipitation allied with presence of streams and reservoirs produces an inherently wet environment which results in multiple shades of green and extensive layers of moss. This results in a  diversity of fungi, as adverted to above.

In the right light conditions, the subtle and rich colours produce an ideal canvas for photographers.

The cycle ride today was Ranger led and had to negotiate what are, essentially, hiking trails. However, the event proved a success.

Reservoir and Landscape View, Dams to Darnley, Glasgow, Scotland

Landscape Scene, Dams to Darnley, Scotland

Sheep on them thar hills, Dams to Darnley, Scotland

Waterfall, Dams to Darnley, Glasgow, Scotland

Reservoir, Dams to Darnley, Glasgow, Scotland

Woodland Trail, Dams to Darnley, Scotland

Manoeurvring Bike at Dams to Darnley, Glasgow

Woodland Scene in Spring, Dams to Darnley, Glasgow

Cyclist Group, Dams to Darnley, Glasgow, Scotland

Moss covered ruin, Dams to Darnley, Glasgow

Trail, Dams to Darnley

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