Historic still at Bushmills Distillery, Ireland

This evening, I am focusing on Northern Ireland’s only whiskey distiller, Bushmills.

Key facts and information concerning Bushmills:

  • Located close to the town of Bushmills and near to the Giant’s Causeway and other popular visitor sites.
  • Enjoys a long pedigree. A licence to distil in the area was first granted in 1608 but the distillery as exists today was first registered in 1784.
  • Now part of the Diageo, international drinks group which includes about one-third of the Scotch whisky industry.
  • Production is about 4.5 million litres p.a. ( A medium size distillery by Scottish standards.)
  • In common with other Irish distillers, Bushmills triple distills the spirit using ten stills.
  • The distillery produces a range of single malts and blends, viz:
    • 10, 12. 16 and 21 years old single malts.
    • Bushmills and Black Bushmills blends.
    • Irish Honey, which is technically not whiskey because alcohol content is less tha 40 pct.
  • A bottling plant is incorporated in the distillery.
  • Distillery tours are provided but photography is not permitted, hence limited range of images in this post.

Bushmills 12 year old Irish Whiskey, Northern Ireland

Antique bottle of Old Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Ireland.

Old Maltings at Bushmills Distillery, Northern Ireland.

Warehouse at Bushmills Distillery, Northern Ireland.

Bushmills Distillery, Northern Ireland

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