Ben Lawers, Perthshire, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Ben Lawers, a mountain which stands on the northern side of Loch Tay in central Scotland and which reaches a height of 3984 feet ( 1195m), the highest in the county of Perthshire. The mountain is one of a great many peaks over 3000 feet in the region between Loch Lomond and Strath Tay, most of which consist of Dalradian Schist.


The unusual name is derived from the now defunct village of Lawers which in turn was named after a chattering stream which drove the mill. The name owes its origin to the term ”lavir’ which means ‘speak’.


The Ben Lawers landscape has been occupied by man for about 9000 years. Information on the archaeology can be found on this web page. Image at foot of this post illustrates prehistoric ‘rock art’ found on the landscape.


Much of the landscape is owned by heritage organisation, The National Trust for Scotland and is managed as a National Nature Reserve.


The mountain and associated landscape is popular with hikers.

Here is a video clip of the mountain together with Loch Tay-

Rock Art, Ben Lawers, Scotland

Clearly, the Ben Lawers landscape and environs has appeal to visitors with a wide range of interests.

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