This evening, I am providing information on Belas Knap, a prehistoric Long Barrow dating from the early Neolithic period and which is around 5500 years old.

Facts and information:

  • Located near the small town of Winchcombe in the English Cotswolds.
  • Access entails an approximate 20 min climb via a rough track up Cleeve Hill.
  • The barrow is of a type known as a Cotswold Severn Cairn. Similar extant examples can be found along the Severn Valley.
  • Excavations have occurred over the period 1863-1963.
  • Comprises an elaborate false entrance with four burial chambers. The latter were formed of upright stone slabs linked by dry-stone walling.
  • Remains of thirty-eight people have been found within the four chambers. Analysis reveals deaths occurred around 3700-3600 BC.




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