This evening, I am posting information on Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick, in the English Lake District.

Key facts and information:

  • Situated 1.5 miles E of Keswick.
  • Dates from about 3200 BC and may rank as one of the earliest stone circles in Europe.
  • Spectacularly situated among the mountains.
  • Thirty-eight stones survive out of original forty-two stones.
  • The stones are of local metamorphic slate.
  • The stones are 3ft-5ft in height and stand on the perimeter of a flattened ring.
  • To the north a wide entrance is formed by two tall stones, 5 ft 6″ and 5 ft 8″ in height.
  • At the S.E corner stands a pillar 8ft 3″ high. This is aligned with the November or Samain sunrise.





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