Storytelling at Cathkin Braes Park, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on a recent cycle ride organised as part of the Glasgow Cycle Festival, June 13th-29th 2014. This was a Commonwealth Woodland ‘Storybike‘ Ride to Cathkin Braes, latter being a hilly, high elevation area to the S.E.of Glasgow.

The actual ride was at gentle pace over 21 miles complete with stories and an appreciation of local woodlands. The participants were led through Linn Park and Pollok Park. Support for the ride was provided by the Forestry Commission which operates vast areas of woodland.

The Cathkin Braes Country Park is a venue for mountain biking events in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Storybook rides are described as “Led group rides, cycling at a moderate pace mostly off-road and through woodlands, taking the time to stop to look at the views and hear a bit about the nature around us and a story or two from our ride leader.”

White Cart Water at Langside, Glasgow

Woodland in Linn Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Low Wood, Linn Park, Glasgow, Scotland


Cathkin Braes Park, Scotland

View north from Queen’s Park towards Campsie Fells, Scotland

Cycling Group at Battlefields, Glasgow, Scotland

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