Medieval Graveslabs at Kilmartin Church, West of Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the collection of medieval graveslabs at Kilmartin Church, one of the finest such collections in  Western Scotland.

Kilmartin Glen is best known for its prehistoric monuments but in the village which stands on a terrace overlooking the glen (valley) is a church on a site with a long history of Christian worship. Records indicate at least four successive churches. The churchyard contains the graveslabs many of which are attributed to the Loch Awe School and date from the 14th and 15th centuries.

As the images here show, the slabs depict swords, crosses and armoured figures although absence of inscriptions and dates inhibit insight into social context. Some of the slabs feature inscriptions of a much later date as a function of re-cycling.

Similar carved stones can be found at Kilmarie Church, Kilmichael Church, Kilmory, Knap Chapel, Kilneuair and Keills Chapel. ( Note predominance of place-name prefix ‘Kil’ which indicates an early Christian site, probably from around the 5th-6th centuries AD.)

These graveslabs are accessible throughout the year.

Medieval Graveslabs at Kilmartin Church, Scotland

Medieval Graveslabs at Kilmartin Church, Scotland

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