Ballymeanoch Prehistoric Site, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the  site of Ballymeanoch which forms part of the Kilmartin Glen prehistoric site in Argyll, West of Scotland.

In fact, Ballymeanoch has three constituents, viz:

  • Six standing stones grouped in two parallel lines, as shown in image immediately below. The lines run N.W. It is known that a seventh stone previously existed. These stones may be the residue of a much larger complex of monuments and earthworks.
  • A henge, possibly dating from 3000 BC to 2500 BC which by 2000 BC was used for inhumations. The henge consists of a circular bank of earth with internal ditch together with one or two entrances. Ballymeanoch is the only henge in the West of Scotland.
  • A Kerb Cairn which was used for burial(s). the structure was originally circular but only eleven stones remain and evidence grading in height with tallest on SW. The feature probably dates from around 1300 BC.

Ballymeanoch Stones, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Ballymeanoch Kerb Cairn, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Ballymeanoch Stones, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

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