Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow, scotland


This morning, our tour group departed hotel in Glasgow’s West End and proceeded as follows:


  • By bus, to the fire damaged, Glasgow School of Art. This iconic building was constructed in two phases, 1896-9 and 1907-10 with each of the four elevations working as abstract individual compositions.

Fire damaged Glasgow School of Art, Scotland


  • Next to the Lighthouse, the former Glasgow Herald Building which dates from 1893-5. Here we availed of a tour by an expert guide culminating in a visit to the viewing platform which affords ‘helicopter views’ over Glasgow’s skyline.

Lighthouse, Glasgow, Scotland


Tour Group admiring Glasgow’s skyline from the Lighthouse Viewing Platform.


  • Next, we availed of lunch at the famous Willow Tea Rooms in Sauchiehall Street. These date from 1903 and 1916.te ground floor comprises a shop for Mackintosh inspired merchandise whilst the Tea Room occupies the upper floors.

Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow, Scotland


Mackintosh inspired designs at Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow

  • Next, we visited Glasgow’s famous 13th century Cathedral dedicated to St. Mungo.

Inside Glasgow’s 13th century Cathedral


Glasgow Cathedral viewed from the Necropolis


  • Finally we visited the Glasgow Necropolis, an extensive cemetery where Glasgow’s elite and wealthy classes were buried during the 19th century, many in elaborate mausoleums.

Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland


Tomorrow, we visit the Mackintosh Church and other important architecture and design sites.

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