Nether Largie Stones, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on one constituent of the extensive prehistoric site in Kilmartin Glen in the West of Scotland. Within a six-mile radius of Kilmartin village can be found twenty-five sites with standing stones comprising:

  • 13 single stones
  • 11 arrangements of stones
  • 1 site with two stone circles ( Temple Wood). This is in close proximity to Nether Largie.

Nether Largie is located just 250m SE of Temple Wood. The site comprises two pairs of uprights with settings of four and five stones in between. There are two surviving outlying stones. Three stones are decorated with stone carvings ( see central upright in image above) which may suggest that these stones had been pre- decorated when lying on the landscape and had been prised our of their setting to form the Nether Largie arrangement.

There is a body of opinion which suggests the Nether Largie site forms a lunar observatory dating from the second millennium BC with the stones indicating both ends of the band of the western sky within which the moon always sets.Refer this web page for more detail.

Here is a video clip of Nether Largie.

Nether Largie stones, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Nether Largie Stones, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Nether Largie Stones, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

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