Temple Wood Stone Circle, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on one of the earliest known prehistoric constructions in the British Isles.

The Temple Wood site dates back to around 35oo BC and was in use for over 2000 years. It should be viewed in context of the wider, Kilmartin Glen prehistoric landscape, Argyll, West of Scotland.

The small, unfinished circle to the north of the  main circle may have been used as a solar observatory, possibly in conjunction with the nearby Nether Largie site.

The main Temple Wood Circle is. in fact, an ellipse. Excavations in the 20th century have revealed four stages of construction. viz:

  1. Originally comprised a ring of the free-standing stones.
  2. Drystone walling was inserted between the stones.
  3. Two short cists (burial chambers) were inserted. These contained inhumations.
  4. Drystone walling removed and replaced with slabs on edge which were erected between the stones. Kerb-cairns were added inside and a wide bank built around the entire site. Used as a cemetery between 1350 BC and 1050 BC.

The site today is believed to resemble the final phase as in 4 above.

Video clip of Temple Wood

Temple Wood Stone Circle, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland.

Temple Wood Stone Circle, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

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