This evening, I am focusing on the historic church of Ballintoy which is located on the scenic, Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland.

Ballintoy Church is part of the Anglican communion.

The original church on the site was probably constructed in the early 17th century and then subject to subsequent rebuildings. In 1641 the church served as a refuge for local people for a period of four months whilst subject to a sectarian siege.The current building dates from 1813 and incorporates the tower of the previous structure. It was designed by Henry Wynne under auspices of the minister, Rev Robert Trail who served as incumbent for an incredible 66 years.

An interesting feature of the church is the sundial (above) which is also believed to have recorded tidal movements.

The burial ground is rich in ancient memorials with the oldest dating back to 1696. A useful resource for persons wishing to trace their ancestry.


Ballintoy Church


Ballintoy Church

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