This morning, we departed our lodgings in Killarney, S.W. Ireland and drove N.E. for four hours to our prime destination of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland’s capital city.

The Storehouse proved a noisy, popular, vibrant, slick visitor attraction over seven floors culminating in the Gravity Bar experience which provides a panoramic view over Dublin City including eighteen major sites ranging from the Wellington Monument to the Wicklow Mountains, a vista enhanced by good visibility.

The core message is to describe the brewing process, principally how:

  • Barley is malted, roasted, milled, mixed with hot water and mashed;
  • Liquid is filtered off and boiled with hops;
  • Yeast is added and fermentation commences; and
  • The beer is clarified, matured and prepared for packaging.

Other aspects of the tour include ingredients, cooperage, transport, tasting and advertising.



Brewing Vat


Inside the Storehouse Visitor Experience


Brewing Plant at Guinness, Dublin


Traditional Irish Music in Gravity Bar


Panorama of Dublin from atop the Visitor Centre

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