H.M.S.Queen Elizabeth

This evening, I am posting information on Britain’s largest warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier which is under construction at Rosyth Naval Dockyard, Firth of Forth, Scotland. ( Near Edinburgh.)

The ship is visible from the Firth (from where images shown here were taken) and from the Forth Road Bridge. A sister ship, the Prince of Wales, is under construction in the same yard.

Key information concerning H.M.S.Queen Elizabeth:

  • Launched in 2014 with in-service date of 2020.
  • Will carry forty VSTOL aircraft.
  • Cost GBP3.1BN.
  • Assembled at Rosyth from nine constituent blocks built in six U.K. shipyards.
  • Built by BAE, Thales and Babcock Marine.
  • Displacement of 65,000 tonnes.

H.M.S.Queen Elizabeth, Rosyth, Scotland

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