Graffiti, Paisley, Scotland

This morning, I embarked on all day cycle ride encompassing a 35 mile ( 54 km) round trip from Glasgow through Paisley to Lochwinnoch and return. Most of the trail comprised the route of  railway line which closed in the 1960s and hence was relatively flat.

Aided by benign and sunny weather I encountered a wide variety of sites and sights including:

  • High quality graffiti.
  • Horses, cattle and sheep.
  • Bird-life including a majestic heron.
  • A ‘temple’ which was built in the British tradition of a folly (or impressive building of little practical use).
  • Lochs ( lakes) with boating and bird-life.
  • A ruined 16th century Collegiate Church.
  • Former textile mills.
  • Bird-life, mainly finches at a bird-watching centre.
  • The impressive small town of Lochwinnoch with man historic buildings.

Feed time for horses, near Johnstone, Scotland

Video clip of Lochwinnoch, Scotland

Former textile mill, Lochwinnoch, Scotland

War Memorial, Lochwinnoch, Scotland

Mile End Mill, Paisley, Scotland

Mile End Mill, Paisley, Scotland

Heron, Black Cart Water, Scotland

Finches, Lochwinnoch RSPB, Scotland

Sailing on Castle Semple Loch, Scotland

Temple, Kenmuir Hill, Scotland

Video view of Castle Semple Loch

Castle Semple Loch, Scotland

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