Happy Hikers

This evening, I am reporting on today’s small group 11 km ( 7 mile) hike in East Dumbartonshire, N.E.of Glasgow. This connected with the Luggie Water (river), Waterside and Merkland.

As will be evident from images herein, weather conditions were perfect, especially for time of year.

Along the route the group encountered:

  • Wildlife ( swans, herons and others).
  • Historic canal dating from 1790.
  • Woodlands changing colour
  • Merkland Nature Reserve.
  • A river, the Luggie Water.
  • Old coal mining landscape.
  • Farms.
  • An early public ( Government) school from 1839.
  • Interesting architecture.

Overall, a rewarding experience in optimum conditions.

Swans on Forth & Clyde Canal


Waterside Vegetation

Avenue of Trees

Luggie Water in Autumn

Banks of Luggie Water

Waterside Subscription School, 1839

Mining spoil tip in farmland

Hiking Trail

Autumnal Woodland

Interesting architecture

Farming Landscape

Merkland Nature Reserve

Est Dumbartonshire Landscape

Forth & Clyde Canal

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