Group photo on Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

This morning, our tour group departed Glasgow and travelled to Edinburgh for a tour which included:

Palace of Holyroodhouse: A Royal residence which has origins in the 12th century with most of current architecture dating from the late 17th century. Group availed of a self-guided, audio tour of the Palace. Adjacent to the Palace are the ruins of the Abbey Church which dates from the 12th century and went out of use in the 17th century.

Scottish Parliament:  This modern building dates from 2004 and was designed by Spanish architect, Enric Miralles.

Edinburgh Castle: A fortress with a mix of architecture styles dating from 12th to 20th centuries. We undertook a highlights tour which included Mons Meg Cannon, St. Margaret’s Chapel, King’s Lodgings, Honours of Scotland,Great Hall and Prison.

Finally, we walked a short distance down the Royal Mile to visit Parliament Square and the Old Scottish Parliament Chamber where the Scots Parliament met until 1707. Premises are now used by the legal profession. Photography not permitted.

Finally, we returned to Glasgow about 6.30 pm.

Weather today was dull and overcast with light rain in the afternoon.

Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland

Here is a video clip of Palace of holyroodhouse

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland

Here is a clip of the exterior of the Scottish Parliament

Debating Chamber, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Fireplace, Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Mons Meg Cannon, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Royal Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

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