Colourful House Entrance at Chessel’s Court

This afternoon, I joined tour group exploring the hidden city gardens of Edinburgh’s Canongate area.

First, we all trooped through to the rear of the Cafe Circus Bistro where the new owner has set up a Mediterranean style courtyard featuring Olive, Fig, a Vine, Jasmin, Roses and Clematis the combination of which was colourful and enticing.

Circus Cafe Bistro, Edinburgh

Next, we moved on to nearby Chessel’s Court the grassed over centre of which is a public space. In the past this area was densely populated and was at the centre of  movements to expose deprived children to horticulture and greenery. Important personalities at this time were Lileen Hardy and Patrick Geddes who were instrumental in establishing St. Saviour’s Child-Garden.

Chessel’s Court, Edinburgh


Private Garden off Chessel’s Court, Edinburgh


Garden Pond, Chessel’s Court, Edinburgh


Private Garden, Chessel’s Court, Edinburgh


Herb Garden, Chessel’s Court, Edinburgh


Patio Garden, Chessel’s Court, Edinburgh


Dunbar’s Close Garden  was donated to the City of Edinburgh by the Mushroom Trust in 1978 and is laid out in the character of an Edinburgh 17th century garden. It is open to the public.

Dunbar’s Close Garden, Edinburgh

Dunbar’s Close Garden, Edinburgh

Dunbar’s Close Garden, Edinburgh

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