Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Scotland.

Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Scotland.

This evening, I am posting information on Glasgow’s impressive Gallery of Modern Art¬†which is located in the city centre, near George Square. This building and its antecedents has been inextricably linked with Glasgow’s mercantile past, viz:

  • Around 1778 a large mansion in the Palladian style was built at the location by a super-rich tobacco merchant named William Cunninghame at cost of about GBP10,000.00. The building comprised three stories with wings at right angles and facing each other. Remnants of the Cunninghame mansion can be found in the current building: entrance hall, ellipse with rooflight; mansion house galleries on first floor; and former drawing room on first floor.
  • Acquired by Royal Bank of Scotland in 1817 who subsequently built a new bank to the west of the building in 1827.
  • Mansion sold by Royal Bank in 1827 to a business consortium for purpose of building a new Exchange.Leading architect David Hamilton was commissioned to incorporate the old mansion house within the new exchange building.
  • In 1913, architect Colin Menzies was commissioned to remodel the basement and provide new supporting square pillars. The basement was converted into a restaurant.
  • After World War II the building was acquired by the City of Glasgow for GBP105.000 and thereafter became home to the Stirling Library.
  • In 1994 the library was relocated and the building converted to its present role as a gallery for housing the city’s modern art collection. This was undertaken whilst successfully retaining many of the original features of the Exchange.

The gallery has displayed work by such leading artists as Ken Currie, Peter Howson, Sebastio Salgado,Henri Cartier-Bresson and Jo Spence.

The basement houses a cafe and small library and is a useful meeting place.

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland.

Gallery of Modern Art Interior.

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