Visit Mile End Mill, Visit Paisley

This evening, I am posting information on an important legacy of Scotland’s industrial history as manifested in the former Mile End Textile Mill in Seedhill, Paisley, West of Scotland.

This mill was constructed the the Clark family for thread manufacture in 1899-1900. It is five storeys high with a fireproof interior constructed with cast iron columns and steel beams.

The thread industry in Paisley grew from very modest beginnings in the early 18th century to an industrial behemoth, dominated by the Clark and Coats families, exporting thread worldwide and employing tens of thousands in the Paisley area. The Clarks and Coats were paternalistic and recycled some of the wealth generated back into the local community in the form of impressive public buildings.

The textile industry in Paisley came to en end in the last quarter of the 20th century although former mills, such as Mile End, have been saved and converted to other purposes, aided by official listing (preservation orders).

Inside the Mile End Mill is a museum dedicated to the former textile industry which is run on a part time basis by local volunteers.


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