Drummond Street, Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the village of Muthill which is situated on the busy A822 road between Crieff and Stirling in Perthshire, central Scotland.

Summary information on Muthill:

  • Population about 675.
  • Name is derived from Gaelic and means soft or boggy place.
  • Within the village can be found a village store, post office, museum, hotel, garage, primary school, church, restaurant and small businesses.
  • Arguably, the most impressive structure is the Old Church and Tower which is located close to the road. This is of great antiquity. The Bell Tower was originally free-standing and dates from around 1140 although the foundations may be as old as the 9th century. By the 12th century the church had become an important ecclesiastical site. Rebuilding occurred around 1430. Continued in use until 1820s when replaced by the new, larger church. The site is also a burial ground.
  • Close by are the very impressive,Drummond Castle Gardens


Landscape view of Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland

Muthill Old Church and Tower, Perthshire, Scotland


Drummond Street, Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland

Muthill Museum, Perthshire, Scotland


Muthill War Memorial, Perthshire, Scotland

Muthill Primary School and Church, Perthshire, Scotland

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