Abbey Strand, Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland

This evening,  am posting information on two historic buildings situated close to the Palace of Holyroodhouse at foot of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Scotland.

The two buildings shown above are clearly of different architecture styles and, in fact, are separated by at least 100 years in construction date.

The white fronted building to the left is known as Abbey Strand (West),This is a four storeyed mansion dating from the 16th century. It was partly rebuilt in 1544 and heavily restored in 1916.

The brown coloured building to the right is Abbey Strand (East). This dates from the 17th century and was known as Lucky Spence’s House. This is a two storey old-fashioned building with three crow-stepped gables facing the street. The arch at the end is relatively modern and leads to a shop. An external staircase starts on the street and leads to a door on the first floor side of the building.

Apart from the ancient buildings, the Abbey Strand is significant because, until 1880, it represented part of an extensive sanctuary zone for distressed debtors the boundaries of which were marked with the letter S. Prior to 1880 imprisonment was a punishment for non-payment of debts. Provided debtors obtained proper authorisation and stayed within the sanctuary confines they were secure from further legal process.

Abbey Strand is within 100 metres of both the Scottish Parliament Building and Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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