Arrochar, Loch Long, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the village of Arrochar which is situated at the northern tip of Loch Long in S.W. Scotland.

Arrochar is located about one hour from Glasgow and only two miles from the northern half of Loch Lomond. Access is also possible by rail link.

The main activity at Arrochar is tourism. The village is well populated with hotels, accommodation, eateries and similar establishments. High volumes of tourist traffic pass through en-route to Inveraray and Oban.

The unusual name is derived from the vernacular version of the Latin aratrum, a plough, or about 100 acres of cultivated land.

In addition to Loch Long, effectively a fjord on a north-south axis and connecting with the River Clyde, there is the alpine-like shape of The Cobbler, a mountain rising to 2900 feet and which includes an incredible overhang visible from many viewpoints. The Cobbler’s correct name is Ben Arthur, a peak very popular with hikers and climbers who are rewarded with stunning views over the loch and surrounding landscape.

Video clip of Ben Arthur (aka ‘The Cobbler’), Loch Long and Arrochar.

Loch Long from Arrochar, Scotland


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