Clydesdale Horses at Pollok Park, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning, in poor light conditions and during a gap in the incessant wind and heavy rain we are currently experiencing, I availed of a trip to Pollok Park in south Glasgow.

Pollok Park is a 146 hectare country park, an amenity open to the public, and which comprises parkland and woodlands with wildlife, a herd of Highland Cows, the White Cart Water (river) and a small number of Clydesdale heavy horses. Pollok House, an 18th century Palladian mansion is located close to the river. This heritage property ( also open to the public) was built for John Maxwell by two of Scotland’s leading architects, William Adam and his son, John in the mid 18th century.

I had anticipated flooding in the area due to the recent rainfall but, although the White Cart was in full spate, it remained constrained within its banks.

However, I was able to get close to-and mingle with- a couple of heavy, Clydesdale horses. These form part of a small group of six such animals owned by Glasgow City Council for educational and display purposes. A short while later a third such animal was released into the field and promptly rolled on its back like a dog as shown in video clip below. A very unusual sight!

Clydesdale horses originated in the Lanarkshire area of S.W. Scotland and were bred for their power and stamina.

Video clip of Clydesdale horses

Clydesdale Horses at Pollok Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Clydesdale Horses at Pollok Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Pollok House, Glasgow, Scotland

Weir at Pollok Park, Glasgow, Scotland

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