Landscape view of Walls Hill Fort, Renrewshire, Scotland

Today, I fulfilled a long-standing ambition by visiting Walls Hill Fort, near Johnston in Renfrewshire, S.W.Scotland.

Summary facts and information:-

  • Represents the largest hillfort in Renfrewshire which sits on a steep-side rocky plateau offering excellent views over the local countryside, ideal for command and control.
  • Evidence suggests the site experienced two periods of occupation: Iron-Age ( 700 BC to 100 AD) and 9th and 10th centuries AD. End of Iron-Age period occupation coincided with arrival of the Romans and construction of the nearby Antonine Wall.
  • During the Iron-Age the site may have been the tribal capital of the Damnonii, as mentioned Ptolemy’s map of Roman Scotland.
  • The summit plateau is approximately 500m north-south and 200m east-west.
  • An earth bank forms a defensive rampart, about 1m high but is only clearly visible on the north and south-west sides.
  • The site has been excavated finds from which can be found in Paisley Museum, near Glasgow.
  • To the east of the fort is a small lake known as Whittliemuir Midton Loch.

View west from Walls Hill Fort, Renfrewshire, Scotland

View of Walls Hill plateau from south to north

View from southern access path of Walls Hill Fort, Renfrewshire

View of Walls Hill Fort from S.E.

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