Broadway Tower

This evening, I am posting information on Broadway Tower, a folly (no functional use) which dates from 1789 and reaches a height of 1024 feet (312 metres), the second highest vantage point in the Cotswolds.

The tower was designed by architect, James Wyatt for the 6th Earl of Coventry who in turn followed a vision of leading landscape designer ‘Capability’ Brown.

The building’s eccentric design has, over the years, inspired eccentric occupants including a book and manuscript collector and Arts & Craft Movement members. During military conflicts in the 20th century, the Tower was used as a lookout (for military aircraft).

Today, the Tower is a visitor attraction and is deserving of inclusion in a Cotswolds tour, being just seen miles from the popular village of Chipping Campden. The local parkland is conducive to hiking and cycling and a small herd of Red Deer can be seen. Restaurant facilities are available on site.

Red Deer at Broadway Tower

Village of Broadway

Landscape view from Tower

Landscape view from Tower

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