Glasgow Heliport, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Glasgow’s Heliport which is located in the centre of Glasgow, close to the River Clyde.

The above image is from my archives showing the facility on north side of the river. Subsequently, the Heliport has been re-located 1.5 miles and now sits on the south side of the river in a former ship yard at Govan.

The Heliport is operated by Bond Air Services, has two hangers, six pads and is used by helicopters operated by the Scottish Police and Scottish Ambulance Service.

Looking behind the Heliport in the image above can be seen:

  • The Tall Ship, Glenlee which was originally built in Port Glasgow in 1896 but is now a fully restored visitor attraction.
  • Cranes used in shipbuilding.
  • Just behind the helicopter, outline of a church, Govan Old Church, which occupies an early medieval site, evidently a power base before Glasgow rose to prominence. Here can be viewed the famous Govan Carved Stones.

Overall, the image above captures about 1500 years of history.

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