Rainbow over North Third Reservoir, Stirling, Scotland

This evening, I am reporting on today’s group hike around Lewis Hill and North Third Reservoir a few miles S.W. of Stirling in central Scotland.

Weather was characterised by a varied mix of rain, snow, sleet and hail interspersed with blue skies against a background of moderate wind and temperatures in the range 4c-7c ( 39F -45F). These constantly changing light conditions did provide some reasonable photo opportunities including a rainbow.

The hike lasted about two hours, reached a height of 266 metres (872 ft) and presented the following noticeable features:

  • Trees and woodlands: Oak, Scots Pine, Hazel, Alder, Silver Birch, Beech, and various conifers.
  • Livestock: Sheep and cattle. We did spot some newborn Spring lambs after concluding the hike.
  • Spring flowers: Daffodils, Primrose and Gorse.
  • Bird life: Greylag Geese.
  • Geology: Near vertical sills formed by intrusion of igneous rock.
  • Renewable Energy: A small wind farm.
  • Landscapes: Rolling hills comprising a mix of farmland and commercial woodlands.

Here is a video clip of the reservoir and landscape-


Greylag Goose

Farming landscape

Walking along edge of reservoir- with aquatic dog


Igneous Rock Crag

View of Stirling Plain, looking north

Walking the walk along edge of reservoir


Group photo atop Lewis Hill

Approaching the summit of Lewis Hill, 266 metres.

Earl’s Hll Windfarm

Prickly Gorse Bush in flower

Low level view of North Third Reservoir

Hiking group ascending Lewis Hill

Hiking group ascending Lewis Hill

Farmland drainage channel

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