Mute and Whooper Swans on Hogganfield Loch, Glasgow

This evening, I am reporting on today’s small group hike along the Seven Lochs Trail which traverses a wetland park located to the N.E. of Glasgow.The route starts at Hogganfield Park in Glasgow and then runs for 5 miles/8km to Drumpellier Country Park on the edge of Coatbridge.

As will be evident from the images herein the group enjoyed good weather conditions and encountered a wide diversity of sites and sights including:

  • Mute and Whooper Swans.
  • Early Spring daffodils and an unusual white flower called striped squill.
  • Provan Hall, one of Glasgow’s oldest buildings which dates back to the 15th century.
  • Lochs (lakes), wetlands and woodlands.
  • Small ponds, old hedgerows and reed beds.

All of the foregoing combine to make the location an  excellent place to appreciate nature throughout the seasons.

Hiking group at Hogganfield Loch Glasgow

Swans on Hogganfield Loch, Glasgow

Frankfield Loch, Glasgow

Spring daffodils, Avenue End Road, Glasgow

Frankfield Loch, Glasgow, Scotland

Former Toll Bridge, Seven Lochs Trail

Provan Hall, Glasgow

Puschkinia scilloides ‘Libanotica’ (striped squill),

Provan Hall Garden, Glasgow

Hiking Group on Seven Lochs Trail

Commonhead Moss, Glasgow, Scotland

Bishop Loch, Glasgow, Scotland

Lochend Loch, Glasgow

Mute Swan on Lochend Loch, Glasgow, Scotland

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