Hiking Group, Pollok, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am reporting on today’s group hike around the Pollok area of South Glasgow in S.W. Scotland.

The focus of the event was Crookston Castle, a medieval edifice which now sits, somewhat incongruously, in a medium-density residential housing area.

A summary chronology of this castle is as follows:

  • Around 1190 a wooden Motte and Bailey structure surrounded by a dry moat was built by a Norman named Robert de Croc whose surname was corrupted to Crookston .
  • Transformed in 14th century from wood to stone by Sir John Stewart with funds raised by ransoms obtained from a successful military adventure in France.
  • Subjected to a siege in 1489 by King James IV in context of a dispute with the holder, Earl of Lennox. Siege lasted one day.
  • Subjected to another siege in 1544 when Regent Arran successfully sought and obtained surrender from the troublesome Lennoxes.
  • In hands of Darnley’s by 1565 when home of Henry, Lord Darling who married Mary, Queen of Scots in July 1565.
  • After Darnley’s assassination¬† in 1567 the castle passed down minor lines of the Stewart clan but was a ruin by the 18th century.
  • First property acquired by heritage organisation, National Trust for Scotland in 1931.
  • Now managed by Historic Scotland.

Hikers approaching Crookston Castle

Hikers atop Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Bird’s-eye view from top of Crookston Castle, Glasgow

View from top of Crookston Castle, Glasgow, Scotland

Room with fireplace at Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Thick stone interior walls at Crookston Castle

Anti-Clockwise stairs at Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Great Fireplace inside Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Barrel-Vaulted interior of Crookston Castle

12th century earthworks, Crookston Castle, Glasgow

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