Creagh Dhubh, Sutherland, Scotland

This evening, I am posting images to illustrate scenery in the rugged Scottish Highlands.

These images were taken at a latitude of about 58 degrees north in Sutherland. Viewpoint was the Information Centre at Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve looking west. Knockan Crag is about 16 miles north of Ullapool on the A835.

Significant landscape features are:

  • Immediate foreground: A small lake known as Lochan an Ais.
  • Mountain in middle distance: Creagh Dhubh which reaches a height of 344m/1128ft.
  • Peak in far distance in image below: ┬áStac Pollaidh which reaches a height of 612m/2008 ft and is characterised by a rugged crest of Torridonian sandstone. Latter feature is due to the rocks being exposed above the ice sheets during the last Ice Age and subject to cracking due to severity of frosts.

Creagh Dhubh and Stac Pollaidh, Sutherland, Scotland

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