Hiking Group, Kerrara, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information and images relating to  a recent small group hike around the Island of Kerrara.

Kerrara is a small island situated a short distance off Oban in the Firth of Lorn, West of Scotland.

As can be seen by this route profile, the terrain is relatively flat. The weather was not too favourable being, essentially, cold and wet with winds.

The island is accessed by a small passenger ferry from a point south of Oban.

The terrain is rugged with little habitation but offering good seascape views. A few sheep with lambs were observed.

Ferry transport to/from Kerrara, Scotland

View from Kerrara, Scotland

Isolated House, Kerrara, Scotland

Rough Hiking Trail on Kerrara, Scotland

Hiking Group on Kerrara, Scotland

Sheep with Lamb

Raised Beach, Sheep and Seascape

Photographer on Kerrara

Hiking group availing of refreshment in a warm environment on Kerrara.

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