MacDonald Massacre Memorial, Glencoe, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on a memorial to one of the most infamous events in Scottish history.

On February 13th 1692 a 130 strong unit of British military comprised mainly of men from Clan Campbell massacred approximately 40 members of the Clan MacDonald community in Glencoe. Many members of the clan escaped into the mountains but in the wintry conditions many of these survivors succumbed to hypothermia and starvation. The ultimate death toll may have been in the 90s.

The ostensible reason for the massacre was an edict issued by King William III requiring all clan chieftains to sign an oath of allegiance by Jan 1st 1692. The MacDonald chief was 6 days light in signing the required oath.

However, long-running tensions between the MacDonalds and neighbouring Campbells combined with the Government’s irritation with the MacDonald chief resulted in a military force being billeted with the MacDonald community and then suddenly turning on the hosts.This breach of traditional Highland hospitality caused equal if not more offence than the actual massacre itself.

A memorial was erected in 1883 to the murdered chief. This can be accessed (on foot) from the village of Glencoe.

Glencoe today is a small Highland village close to the River Coe and Loch Leven, about 25 miles south of Fort William.

MacDonald Massacre Memorial, Glencoe, Scotland

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