Strathnavar Museum, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Strathnavar Museum which is located in village of same name, a few miles east of Tongue on Scotland’s northern coast.

This small museum is a ‘must’ for visitors wishing to connect with their ancestry and/or social and wider history of the area.

Key aspects:

  • The museum is based in a redundant Presbyterian Church.
  • The surrounding burial ground contains a high percentage of burials of persons named Mackay.
  • ¬†Inside, displays are focused on social history, including the Highland Clearances, and Clan Mackay.
  • Outside the museum can be ¬†found a re-located burial cist from the Bronze Age (2100 to 750 BC) and a Pictish-era carved stone ( 8th/9th centuries AD) thus indicating a long period of human occupation in the area.

Pictish Carved Cross, Strathnavar Museum, Scotland

Bronze Age Burial Cist, Strathnavar Museum, Scotland

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