Highland Cow at Brodick Castle, Scotland

This morning we departed our lodgings in Lochranza in the north of Arran and drove south to the principal town of Brodick where we visited Brodick Castle. This substantial castle is in good repair and benefits from extensive grounds and gardens. The castle has a long and complicated history dating back at least to the 14th century and probably much earlier.

Brodick, Arran, Scotland

Brodick Castle, Arran, Scotland

From the 16th century through to the 20th century Brodick Castle was home to the aristocratic Hamilton family with transfer of castle and lands to heritage organisation, National Trust occurring in the 1950s.

Next, we drove a little known prehistoric site near Brodick where, after a short hike along a forest trail, we were able to view an exposed rock surface containing ‘rock art’ dating back, possibly, 4000-5000 years.

Prehistoric ‘Rock Art’; at Brodick, Arran, Scotland

Next, we continued with the prehistoric theme with a visit to Machrie Moor, on the west side of Arran. This ritual landscape dating from the Bronze Age is accessed via 15 minute hike along well-marked paths through open farmland. Here are stone circles and standing stones up to 18 feet in height. The Machrie Moor landscape is of outstanding importance. The landscape comprises cairns, standing stones and hut circles some of which have a history dating back to the Neolithic period of about 3000 BC. It is believed the site was abandoned around 1200 BC due to climate change with a cooler, wetter climate affecting traditional farming methods.

Standing Stones at Machrie Moor Prehistoric Site, Arran

Machrie Moor Landscape, Arran, Scotland

Machrie Moor Prehistoric Site, Arran, Scotland

Next we travelled a few miles to the Old Byre Visitor Centre at Machrie where we had lunch. At this location is another prehistoric site known as the ‘Druid’s Stone’.

Druid’s Stone, Machrie, Arran, Scotland

Finally, we returned to Brodick and checked into our lodgings.

Tomorrow, we transfer by ferry to Ardrossan on the Scottish mainland and then on to the town of Hamilton.

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