This morning, we departed our lodgings in Fort William and drove S.E to Edinburgh.

First, we called in at Clachaig Inn in Glencoe to view the ‘No Campbells’ sign over reception.From here we obtained good views of the mountains and River Coe. In addition to its stunning scenery Glencoe is famous for the massacre of the local MacDonald community which occurred here in 1692.

Video clip of River Coe near Clachaig Inn

Glencoe from Clachaig Inn, Scotland

Next we visited the National Trust Visitor Centre and then continued south on the A82 stopping for photos of the scenery and the local piper.

Piper at Glencoe, Scotland

Here is a waterfall close to the A82 highway at Glencoe.

Waterfall at Glencoe, Scotland

Next, we turned off right to explore Glen Etive, a remote valley accessed by a single track road. Here we encountered lush greenery, waterfalls, a fast running river,logging activities red deer and many rhododendrons resplendent with vibrant pink flowers. The latter being an invasive species which is harmful to native flora.

Glen Etive is famous for featuring in the James Bond ‘Skyfall’ and other films.

This spectacular glen (valley) is 14 miles long with Loch Etive at the southern end. This aspect of the tour entailed a 28 mile round trip as the road terminates at the loch.

Glen Etive, Scotland

River scene at Glen Etive

Glen Etive, Scotland

Glen Etive, Scotland

Glen Etive, Scotland

Red Deer at Glen Etive, Scotland

Glen Etive, Scotland

Loch Etive, Scotland

Upon return to the A82 (main highway) we continued south until we reached Loch Lomond, one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the British Isles. We stopped at the heritage village of Luss to view the quaint houses, loch and church. In the church burial ground can be found an ancient Viking-era grave marker about 1100 years old.

Himalayan Poppies at Luss, Scotland

Cottage at Luss, Scotland

Loch Lomond, Scotland

Hiogback Gravemarker at Luss Church, Scotland

Luss Church, Scotland

Inside Luss Church, Scotland

After departing Luss we drove to nearby Glasgow and then on to Edinburgh where tour terminated at an airport hotel.

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