7th Century AD Pictish ‘Eagle Stone’ at Strathpeffer, Scotland

This morning, we departed our excellent lodgings at Strathpeffer and then embarked on a ¬†short exploration of the village which included the 7th century AD carved stone from the Pictish era and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church.

Strathpeffer, Scotland

St Anne’s Church, Starthpeffer, Scotland

St Anne’s Church, Strathpeffer, Scotland

Next, we moved on to nearby Muir of Ord where guests joined a tour of the distillery, Glen Ord which lasted about one hour.

Whisky Connoisseurs at Glen Ord Distillery

Whisky Connoisseurs at Glen Ord Distillery

Stills at Glen Ord Distillery, Scotland

Glen Ord Distillery, Scotland

Next we drove to Beauly where we had a light lunch before returning to Muir of Ord where guests were deposited at designated address and tour finished thus concluding an interesting ancestry and sightseeing tour centred on the N.W. Highlands of Scotland.

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