Nether Largie North Burial Cairn, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Nether Largie North, one of a line of five such prehistoric burial cairns situated in the Kilmartin Glen linear cemetery, Argyll, West of Scotland.

Summary facts and information:

  • Probably dates from 2000-1500 BC
  • Excavated in 1930 by Joseph Craw who found a low bank surrounding a large central cist. The cist’s cover was decorated with carved axeheads and cupmarks. Contents of the cist were restricted to charcoal, ochre and a human tooth. A pointed stone slab carved with stone circles was found under the cairn material. This slab could pre-date the cairn.
  • Cairn has been rebuilt with access permitted from top.

Burial Cist inside Nether Largie North Burial Cairn, Kilmnartin Glen


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