Blog Post Saturday, July 11th 2015

Fish and Chips at Anstruther Fish Bar, Scotland

This morning, we departed our Edinburgh lodgings and embarked on a tour of Fife as follows:

First, we drove north for about 1 hour to Dunfermline, ancient capital of Scotland and birthplace of Andrew Carnegie. Here we called in to visit a complex of buildings comprising ruins of a royal palace, 12th century Romanesque Abbey Church which was the burial place of some members of Scottish royalty, adjacent Presbyterian Church wherein is buried King Robert the Bruce and ruins of a medieval abbey. This is a high elevation site which afforded good views looking east towards the Firth of Forth.

Romanesque Door Arch at Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland

Ruins of Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland

Dunfermline Abbey Church, Fife, Scotland

Burial Place of King Robert the Bruce

Dunfermline Abbey Church, Fife, Scotland

Next, we drove east for about 1 hour to the Fife Coast where we called in at Lower Largo to view the birthplace of Robinson Crusoe role model, Alexander Selkirk.
Next, we continued east calling at St Monans to visit the famous medieval church and then to Anstruther, a coastal village with a large marina and shops. we stopped here for a fish and chip lunch at Anstruther’s renowned Fish Bar.

Rooftops at St Monans, Fife

St Monan’s Church, Fife, Scotland

Anstruther, Fife, Scotland

Next, we moved to Crail which has a quaint and popular harbour which is a centre for lobster fishing.

Crail Harbour, Fife, Scotland

Next we drove north to St Andrews. First we stopped at the eastern end to visit the medieval castle and ruined cathedral. At the latter we climbed St Rule’s Tower for a ‘helicopter’ view of the cathedral site, the city and beyond.

St Andrews Castle, Scotland

Next we drove to the western end of St Andrews to visit the golf courses. First we paid a brief visit to the West Sands where was filmed a sequence of the film ‘Chariots of Fire’. The famous Old Course was prepared for commencement of the British Open which starts tomorrow. By good fortune we encountered Tiger Woods practicing for tomorrow’s event.

Tiger Woods practising at St Andrews

West Sands, St Andrews, Scotland

St Rule’s Tower, St Andrews, Scotland

St Andrews Cathedral and St Andrews, Scotland

Finally, we drove for 30 mins north to Dundee and our lodgings for the night. Tomorrow we visit Dunnottar Castle and Speyside.


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